Violet Red Project 64

Hello friends, hope your weekend is going well. I have been hunting for something violet/red for the Project 64: Out of the Box photo challenge. Hmmmmm. I don’t really have much of this color around mi casa.

I thought maybe one of the flowers from the cute-as-a-button curtains Laura made for me would work. But I think the flower is a tad on the salmon side. Not a match.

Then I thought maybe the bandana on the girl from this Martha’s Vineyard poster might work. But, I don’t think it is quite right either. Plus, the poster is shiny and, uh, yes, you can see my camera’s reflection in the photo. That won’t work. 🙂

So I finally settled on these cake sprinkles from my cupboard. I am not sure they are quite right either, but oh well, it is as close as I am going to get this week. 🙂

I will be sad when this photo challenge is over. I hope to get involved with another one. Suggestions, anyone? Have a great weekend!


Snowy Day Photo Outing

We had a wonderful snow day a few weeks ago. Gary said it’s a perfect day for a little photo outing so we bundled up, grabbed our cameras, and off we went. Here are some shots we found that day.

Snowy Old Barn

This barn has seen better days, but I like the character of it and how it’s still standing even though it has lost a good portion of its frame. Way to go, barn.

Snow Fence

I liked this snow fence, too. The red and brown colors caught my eye, and I liked how there was another snow fence in the distance. I like the curve of it.

Wintery Flowers

These flowers aren’t blooming, they are probably weeds to be honest, but I like flowers of all kinds. Even wintery looking ones.

Red Berries

This shot was actually not part of our snowy day outing, it is a close up of some red berries growing beside our building. It reminds me of a snowy day because of the white background. The sun was just setting when I took this shot.

It takes a lot to get me outside of my warm house on a cold day so that is another thing I like about photography, it gets me moving! I am very grateful.

Have you ever taken photos on a snowy day? I hope you will give it a try.

Yellow Project 64

Where we live it is snowing up a storm and we are battening the hatches for a cozy weekend. The woodpile is stocked high and I have a roast in the crock pot. I love a good snowstorm every once in awhile.

Project 64 Photo Challenge Yellow

I have been pondering awhile trying to think of where I could spy a little yellow for this week’s photo challenge at Project 64. There are some cool yellow photos over there so far, hop on over and take a peek. This morning I closed the cover to my sketch book and there was my yellow, literally right under my nose. 🙂 tee hee. Here are a couple of shots of it. Yellow is such a fun color, one of my faves.

project64 button

Practice Sketching

I am practicing my sketching and I made a little sketch for a blog signature…..see below. It was fun and you know the best part about drawing yourself is you can make yourself look a little younger if you want, haha, which I did. When I started the sketch I didn’t know I was going to run out of room for my hair – I have a ton of hair folks – so it is cut off, but oh well.

I hope wherever you are, you have a wonderful weekend!

More rusty things

We went on another photo outing last weekend. SO fun!

We found an old car that we liked. I think the front has a face — a LION face. What do you think?

This truck we found was super rusty and cool. I liked the gas cap side of the truck. Look at that orange door. Love!

And the grill of the truck has a life of its own. Sheesh. Colors galore!

I have lots more but these are some of my favorites. I am so grateful for sunny days, old cars and trucks, a fantastic husband who loves photography and wants to share it with me.